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John John Florence Pipe Rodeo ’14

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Heading to the Opera Bar

Back in Sydney!

This afternoon at Backdoor ! #GoPro

Just brought a tear to my eye!! Legend @julian_wilson congrats again mate. #nevergiveup

Huge congrats @julian_wilson you got more barreled then everyone today and deserve every bit of this win, you earned it! #kindofwish yougot2ndthough

Congratulations to this great kid! He truly deserved everything he achieved this year!! Good on ya mate love ya dawg! @gabrielmedina

HERO ! @julian_wilson @baart @sebo_w

Some Magic Moments w/ @nellysmagicmoments | #ryanmoss #goanywhere #embracethejourney #socialabsorption

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2014 #BillabongPipeMasters Champion, Julian Wilson. Another congrats to the 2014 World Champ Gabriel Medina. And, a special thanks to all the surf fans who are the reason we run this event year after year - it was a lot of fun and we can't wait for next year. Photo: @asp

I call bull shit medina shoulda won by quite a bit. And @dusty_payne should be Tripple crown champ. That was horrendous @asp but still one of the craziest days of surfing I've ever got to watch

What a day. The smile says it all!! Fucken legend @julian_wilson @hulian how fucken good.

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2014 #BillabongPipeMasters Champion and the first ever WCT Worls Champ from Brasil - @gabrielmedina! Photo: @patstacyphoto

Our Shop is open today and tomorrow 9-4 address 31-33 Dover Drive Burleigh Heads or online www.themadhueys.com #fuckoffimbusy #themadhueys

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Hanging out with my home girls! @kikii.taylor @tikigirl808 @kaileytopping @kai.kaiiii photo @tommyd_4

There's no denying it...this guy lit it up all year. A very deserving #WorldChampion in @gabrielmedina. Congratulations. He #SetTheStandard of straight up shredding and competitive savvy and in doing so switched his position from challenger to leader. With the weight of a country on his shoulders, he made all the right choices to keep his head on straight and achieve his dream. I think it's awesome how he has matched every challenge thrown at him both personally and professionally. If I was honest, I was pulling for @mfanno today to pull a magic trick but I'm very happy the win went to Gabriel in the end. To see the atmosphere around him is to see a rare situation playing out in sports and however intimidating it can be for his competitors, it's great for the sport and a big challenge for everyone he comes up against. He's definitely a more than worthy champion. Great job today also to #AlejoMuniz for a great event and good luck to the remaining competitors at the #PipeMasters. And thanks to everyone for all the support all these years. #Respect. @gopro #Selfie in Tahiti.

As the world celebrates a new #SurfingWorldChampion , #PipeMaster, and #TripleCrown victor Hawaii celebrates #FoundersDay. Today is the birthday of Princess #BernicePauahiBishop. A woman who's legacy lives on in the form of #KamehamehaSchools and #BishopEstate. #HauoliLaHanau or happy birthday is your Hawaiian phrase of the day. #LeaveOnlyFootPrints at the beach ✌️

Way to go @josh_kerr84 !! He just took out John Florence to make it into the semis at pipe! #gokerrzy #ourkind @asp

Pipeline is not perfect every time !! Photo @myepicwave

Now you see me, now you don't.Wanna get your happy on? Head to @spyoptic to find out how to win the Frazier with #HappyLens. #SEEHAPPY #turkeymelt